November 5, 2020

Top Tips to Improve your Phone Battery Life While Gaming

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Are you tired of always running out of power when playing on your favorite mobile casino app? This ar ticle has some pro tips to improve your phone battery life. Mobile gaming is fast becoming the norm among casino players. From excellent 3D graphics and immersive sounds to multiple game variety and simple payment methods, mobile casinos are catching up quickly.

Top Tips to Improve your Phone Battery Life While Gaming

Sadly, mobile batteries tend to drain quickly during gameplay, and that can be a buzz killer. So, to save the day, here are some tried and tested tips on how to improve your battery life during gaming sessions.

Turn on the Power Saving Mode

Before you try out any other trick on this list, enable the power saving mode on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Typically, this feature activates automatically when your device's juice is below 20%. But you don't have to wait for your battery to drain as you can easily enable this feature manually.

If you're using an Android, open the Control Panel by dragging the screen down from the top and choose the Power Saving Mode. iPhone users can go to Settings > Battery and then enable the Low Power Mode toggle. Note, however, that enabling this feature can turn off notifications and your voice assistant.

Minimize Brightness

Keeping a brighter screen as you play your favorite casino game is arguably the leading cause of high battery consumption. While the bright panel will look crisp and clear, it comes at the cost of your phone's battery life.

Luckily, modern smartphones allow you to set the screen brightness level using the Control Panel's slide bar. You can also enable the Auto-Brightness feature for the display brightness to adjust depending on the surrounding.

Let go of the Voice Assistant

Whether you're using the smart Google Assistant or the capable Apple Siri, it's wise for gamers to turn off these services during gameplay. Gaming itself is already eating up a chunk of your battery capacity, and keeping the voice assistant on only makes it worse. After all, when was the last time you requested Siri to do something for you during game time? Probably none!

Lessen the Screen Time-Out Time

Another low-battery life troubleshooting technique is to shorten the time-out. This is what determines how long the screen stays active when the phone is inactive. Usually, most phones set the screen time-out at 30 seconds to as high as 30 minutes.

That said, ensure that you keep it as low as possible. Try to maintain the time-out below 30 secs, where possible. To activate this feature on Android, tap the Settings icon, choose Display & Brightness, and then set the screen time-out under the Auto Screen section.

Disable the Location Services

Google Location Services is another feature that you probably don't need while playing your favorite casino game. Leaving t he Location Service on as you play will definitely give you a low battery warning in no time. So, be smart and turn off this feature to save your battery juice.

Don't Forget the Power Bank

If all the above solutions don't cut it for you, get the good, old, and reliable power bank. With this efficient tool, you'll have the perfect antidote to your low battery anxiety. You can now enable the bright screen mode, allow the Siri or Google Assistant to do their thing, and all other notifications. Just remember to charge it up after the gaming session.

The Bottom Line

Much of these battery increaser fixes are probably things that you already know. However, very few gamers employ these tricks during game time. It's smart to get a robust power bank and an additional battery if your phone battery is removable. And above all, don't forget to select the best mobile casino games to make the whole experience worthwhile.

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