July 20, 2022

Megaways Slots - Think Twice Before Playing

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Take nothing away from them; Megaways slots are the real deal these days. These slots increase the winning ways to hundreds of thousands with mouthwatering payouts. But some players just don’t find Megaways slots worth the hype. So, why are these players skeptical about Megaways systems? Are they justified in their fears? You’re about to find out!

Megaways Slots - Think Twice Before Playing

How Megaways slots work

A few years ago, gamers were over the moon when Microgaming introduced its first 243 ways to win slot machines. But in 2016, Big Time Gaming stunned the world when it debuted Bonanza, the first Megaways slot with thousands of winning ways. Megaways systems generate incredible excitement due to the variety of winning opportunities. 

Here’s how it works. Megaways slots can support 2 to 7 symbols on a single reel. So, if a mobile slot machine has six reels, it means gamers can get 117,649 winning ways (7x7x7x7x7x7). If it’s five reels, that translates to 15,635 ways to win. Impressive, right?

Besides giving players thousands of ways to create a win, Megaways slots are also action-packed. Put simply, their countless winning opportunities and quirky format mean that gamers never stop spinning and winning. Most offer bonus features like free spins, sticky wilds, and cascading reels. Overall, the allure of Megaways slots is simply irresistible.

Why Megaways slots are often overrated 

But despite the pros, Megaways slots aren’t entirely flawless. Here are some reasons to be cautious:

Confusing gameplay

Some beginner slot machine players will struggle to understand the typical 243 ways to win. So, what about the thousands on Megaways mechanics? After viewing one, beginners might not even want to try a Megaways slot machine. Often, the layout can be confusing with varying heights and symbols. Like, you can see two symbols on the first reel, four on the second, seven on the third, and so on. So, take your time to learn these games first.

You can’t unlock all ways

Some Megaways slots like Laser Fruit by Red Tiger Gaming can create 60+ million winning ways. But it’s foolhardy to think that you can unlock even a fraction of these winning combinations. You’ll just reach a few hundred, and that’s it. So, it’s right to say that Megaways is another clever marketing gimmick by game developers.

Winnings stay the same

Megaways has no co-relation whatsoever with the amount players take home after a lucky session. The thing is that Megaways slots offer more winning ways than traditional slot machines. But while this can lead to more winning sessions, it all depends on the stakes you place, RTP, hit frequency, bonus spins, and other in-game features. Just say, the odds of creating the right combo to unlock a 100,000-coin jackpot are very slim in any game.

Developers add it to old games

It has become quite common for developers to add Megaways mechanics to previously successful games. Although there’s nothing wrong with re-inventing these games, players don’t get anything new. The reality is that Megaways games offer the same gameplay as the original titles, bar the added winning ways. And as said before, unlocking all the winning ways is a pipe dream. 


The Megaways mechanic has its ugly side that most developers don’t want gamers to know. But that’s not to say that these games are nothing special. In fact, play Megaways games over classic slot machines. This mechanic offers players more and different winning ways. Nevertheless, don’t expect any noticeable difference with traditional slots.

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